Borgholm, Öland
the second largest Swedish island
the most visited tourist place in Scandinavia

and wellknown for the summer home to the royal family
and the Borgholm Castle from the second half of the 12th century.

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More info about Öland at Wikipedia:
Borgholm Castle
Solliden - summer home to the royal family


  To a start with... some pictures from a car accident in the center of Borgholm. An Italian sports car - a De Tomaso Pantera ran straight into the crowd 30 June 2012.

A De Tomaso Pantera GT5S from 1999 ran straight into a crowd in Borgholm, Öland in the south part of Sweden. Several people were seriously injured.
The car came along at high speed - on the hood was the injured 76-year-old. In the chaos was squeezed another man caught between car and an ice cream stand that stopped the sports car's perilous journey. Another two people who worked in the glass booth was slightly injured, police said.
Many were witnesses. The sports car was part of the Swedish De Tomaso club's summer rally on the island. This afternoon, members would drive in procession along the pedestrian street in Borgholm. Hundreds of people had gathered in the square where the cars were set up.

- It went very slowly, but suddenly something happened with the third car from behind, says organizer Ulf Olsson, Borgholm. In a unique film hear a loud roar from the car before it at full acceleration runs away from the motorcade.

- The driver mowed down several people, one of them was an old man with a walker. The second man pinned under glass kiosk, said witness Christopher Sand.

Chaos on the site. According to another witness began sports cars rushing their engines when something went wrong.
- I heard one of the cars started rushing the engine more than the others. Suddenly it took off and ran right through a vegetable stalls, says Christian witness.
The rescue services were quickly on the scene. But no police patrol was nearby and it took half an hour before police from Kalmar arrived at the scene.
- It is totally chaotic here. It took half an hour before the emergency services had to remove the injured who were trapped, says Aftonbladet Pelle Tagesson that are in place in Borgholm. Late last night it was still unclear what lies behind the accident. But most of Aftonbladet has spoken to state that the car's accelerator somehow hooked up.
- It's something that has happened with the gas on this car. If it is due to a technical fault or not, I can not answer, says rescue Anders mark.

The gas is hooked up. His theory is consistent with witness statements.
- I understand that the gas hooked up. Everyone thought he joked, but it traced the course from the total when he drove into the crowd, said witness Christopher Sand. According to police, was sitting two people in a car accident. The driver and passenger were treated during the afternoon at the clinic. Police have now questioned them.- They are slightly injured but shocked. We have opened an investigation into involuntary bodily injury, said police spokesman Eva Jirhall.

Some facts about the car - a custom-built 1999 De Tomaso Pantera GT5S
curb weight: 1.200 kg

weight distribution
front-wheel: 40% - 285/40x15
rear-wheel: 60% - 345/35x15

engine: 6,5 liter (standard is 5,8 liter)
torque: 650 Nm
ratio first gear 10:1 makes 6.500 Nm on the rear drive wheels

A video filmed by someone in the public is for sale or lease

The man on this pic tried to stopped me from taking photos. It's a matter of fact, his well-known as "Ninjamannen"
(The Ninja Man) because he is a threat against the Royal family according to Swedish SÄPO (similar to FBI) and Interpol.

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